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Fleeting moments transformed into tangible memories

Have you ever loved a person, place or animal so much that you wished you could hold a piece of them close forever?

While personal inclusion infused keepsake jewellery may seem like a relatively new craze, we all know the concept of wearing, carrying or collecting jewellery, trinkets, souvenirs or mementos is something us humans have been doing for a very long time. While the techniques used and reasoning behind the keepsakes may have differed between cultures and periods in time, “this sensuous, sinuous intertwining of things with memories” (Edmund de Wall, The Hare with Amber Eyes) is without doubt part of our human instinct.

As a modern day keepsake artist, I continue on in this tradition by capturing fleeting moments and precious memories in peoples lives. I encapsulate small tokens or elements into resin “stones” that can then be set into stunning jewellery or other unique souvenir items.  The list of possible items that can be encapsulated are endless.  Natural earthly elements such as sand, dust, shells, botanicals, coal and gemstones; hair including babies first curl, a lock from a loved one, horse’s mane, pets fur or even wool; cremation ashes and even your own breastmilk can all be preserved.  It is a true blessing to be able to carefully and respectfully craft these personal items, each with their own unique story, into something that can be worn and treasured.

In addition to these customised bespoke keepsakes, I also offer fashionable pre-made jewellery comprising of real natural elements iconic to Australian regions.  The jewellery is often designed to mimic the landscape and capture the beauty of our country and our connection to it.

Please browse my customised keepsake jewellery options and pre-made jewellery by clicking on the SHOP button.

"Working with Lozbee’s Memories was such a wonderful experience and getting a sneak peek of my jewellery really made my day! They’re gorgeous"

" I love my jewelry piece. Very unique and is a real sentiment of my home."

About Lozbee's Memories

My story

I am a mother with strong rural roots and it is the love and connection I have with my family, animals and country that powerfully influences my creative style and offerings. 

It has always been my goal to capture or create representations of the emotions that partner our most precious moments and closest connections and transform them into meaningful, tangible, wearable art.  I aim to bring comfort, connection and closeness to those who have suffered unimaginable loss; to acknowledge challenges faced and hurdles overcome; to capture the beauty of our land and the connection we have with it and to celebrate the most intimate relationships and incredible blessings.  


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